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About us
Agency Alan d.o.o. is a state owned company established by the Republic of Croatia whose primary business is focused on the import and export of weapons and special military equipment for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia.

In addition to the above, the ALAN Agency carries out the export of military products and equipment, produced by Croatian defense manufacturers and/or military surpluses, for commercial purposes or as support for cross border state cooperation.

We also act in support of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia, because according to the Decision on the establishment of the Agency ALAN d.o.o., all annual profit of the Agency ALAN is used for equipping and modernizing the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia.
100 % owned by Republic od Croatia
30 + years of experience in defence trade
70 + Companies -Croatian defence industrial base
50 + products and services in portfolio
The ALAN agency also achieves significant business cooperation with the domestic sector in the fields of weapons production, military equipment production and other defense and security related production  in terms of purchase and sale. We actively promote the products and capacities of the Croatian defense industry and try to represent them in interstate cooperation affairs or in direct dealings with governments and bodies of other countries. Our customers are domestic and international public and private entities, governments of other countries or their authorized agencies.

In our activities and operations, we closely cooperate with state administration bodies (MOD, Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Foreign and EU Affairs, Ministry of Economy), Armed Forces, but also with international bodies such as the European Defense Agency and NATO. We also work diligently on the procedures of certain public authorities that are entrusted to us through the Legal Regulation - such as, for example, the procedures for issuing prior approvals in the procedures for obtaining export permits for products that are under export control regime.

Our commercial focus is the representation of products and services offered by Croatian manufacturers of military equipment and services. In addition to them, we monitor the database of new products and services of the defense industry sector of the Republic of Croatia, which is connected through the activities of the Croatian defense industry competitiveness cluster.

Empowering Global Security

You’re not just accessing a supplier network: you’re unlocking a world of Croatian defense expertise. Let us be your gateway to the best defense solutions Croatia has to offer.

Accountable & Trustworthy

Accountable & Trustworthy - More than 30 Year of business in the field of defence & security.

Liason - with Croatian defence & security sector and defence military capacities.

Advanced - commitment to our customers with skilled and experienced staff, with Government support.

Network - Governnment of Republic of Croatia, Croatian defence industry cluster and Industry base of 75+ companies and more than 100 products and services of Croatian defence sector.


The agency’s reliabllity is underscored by its Croatian state ownership, ensuring steadfastness and accountability in its operations.


By partnering with us, you save precious time that would otherwise be spent on extensive market research and supplier outreach. We bring the best of Croatian defense directly to you.


From initial contact to final delivery, we provide comprehensive support throughout the Project process. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction at every step.