UAV (“FPV MRM-2 Interceptor”)

Segment of UAV in Croatia represents latest development in modernization and capacity of Croatian Armed Forces and Police Forces. Numerous small manufacturers are currently present in this perspective product portfolio. Croatian manufacturers specializes mostly in segment of small latitude and medium latitude drones. We have history and tradition of using drones during Homeland War in Croatia for purpose of reconnaissance missions. From foldable FPV drones to mini size vector UAS, and light reconnaissance drones we can offer variety of tailor made solutions in UAV segment. 

Foldable FPV drones with capacity to carry deadly payloads are becoming the future of modern battlefields. Croatian made foldable drones with most of the value chain closed inside of the EU are new competitive feature of Croatian armed forces. With payload wight up to 1,2kg (potential more), radio range 15km, and battery range of 15minutes they are effective, and combat proven in war missions in Ukraine War. Drones are with robust carbon fibre body and arms with foldable frame that can be customized in several variants, with upgraded capacities, potential for jamming resistance and very specific Radio Module Data Sheet. 

  • Military
  • Special Forces
  • Police
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Special forces
  • Reconnaissance tasks 

Technical data

Payload Capacity

Up to 1.600g


214, 880kv


10 inch


22.2V, 5100MaH, 6S 95c lIpO (868G)

Est. Range

8km with 800g payload

Flight time

Cca 21mins/no payload

Frame weight


Designed, manufactured and engineered


Weight/Time of flight Breakdown

Payload 1200g/10minute flight
Payload 800g/12 minute flight
No Payload/21 minute flight


Camera 4:3, 1200TVL, 0,00001 Lux camera
FOV-D 125°