TAKRAD – Advanced Tactical Lightweight Communication System

Takard is a personal radio for a modern day soldier with a superior SDR architecture, robust mechanical design and advanced electronics.
Except for internal communication, TAKRAD  offers detailed information on the location and physical condition of the soldier. TAKRAD  also automaticly recognizes dengerous situation (SOS - Man Down Alert) 

TAKRAD is mission oriented radio ensuring proprietary protocols - no GPS needed for synchronisation, ensuring real radio silence , easy custimizable product field tested and used by Croatian Military forces with wide variety of periphery - NATO rail BT PTT
  • Double independent Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture 
  • Secure embedded AES 256-bit encrypted voice, data and situational awareness for high mission effectiveness 
  • Integrated GPS receiver and accelerometer for automatic Position Location 
  • smart SOS/MAN DOWN detection 
  • Dual Push-to-Talk with dual-net function for easy integration with upper 
  • echelon network 
  • User-defined customizable waveforms and functionality 
  • A full aluminum body ensures great durability and radio performance
  • Up to 7 networks on the same frequency channel

Technical data

UHF Frequency Range:

225 to 450 MHz (other on request)

UHF RF Bandwidth:

12.5 kHz, 25 kHz, 100 kHz, 500 kHz or 1.2 MHz


16 highly customized presets


constant envelope phase modulation (FSK, GMSK)


dual-net, unlimited listeners, High priority interrupt


simultaneous data and voice up to 1 Mbps through the air


embedded GPS with automatic Position Location Information (PLI) and anti-jamming/spoofing detection

Audible HMI:

language customizable with presets, channels, and battery status

Graphical HMI:

tactical handheld device graphical control, Situation Awareness (SA), messaging over 2.4 GHz SDR


rechargeable Lithium-Ion, > 14-hour lifetime


software defined radio (SDR)


certified 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) hardware engine, keyfill over RS485 interface