Super Fast Storm Interceptor Motor Boat M-46

The motor boat M-46 is a super fast storm interceptor of the latest generation (the hull so-called step hull, with a novelty of a stern tooth (edge), which smartly regulates the tilt of the front part of the boat), meant for shock actions of exclusively special forces of the navy, special squads, and anti-terrorism forces, special police forces, on the broad costal region (to 400 nm, tactical operations 250 nm). It was tested it in the Mediterranean Sea for 795 days in all periods of the year and in all weather and sea conditions.

Technical data

Length overall

14,25 m

Beam overall

4,45 m

Collar diameter

from 0,80 meters to 0,63 meters

Collar volume

10230 litres

Project Draft

0.50 m

Draft (propeller included, trim in position high)

0.75 m

Displacement  ( with full fuel, no payload ) 

7300 kg

Max speed, full fuel & 1000kg payload:

+55 Knots

Sea worthiness:


Fuel Tank Capacity

1500 l (aluminium or PVC)

Autonomy with full tank

400 nm at +50 Knots
500 nm at 40 Knots

Battle autonomy

250 nm

Number of chambers

20 chambers


up to 45000 kg

Number of seats

up to 20 seats with Shock absorber BISCAYA Ullman dynamics

Max power of the inside diesel engines

2 x 500 KS      + 55 knots

Recommendation power

2 x 480 KS      + 50 knots 

Minimum power

2 x 440 KS      + 40 knots


Arneson 8 i 8 integral L or ZF surface drive           


ROLLA, from 22“ 33”   to   22” 36 “  (depends off weight and model of arms )