Sandbag filling Machine

Why to use your security forces and man power to fill bags in case of emergency or critical situations (natural disasters - floods, or war), when machines can do it instead.  Sandbag filling machine is a simple design and robust sandbag filling machine which is used for protection of areas and property in flooded areas and other crisis situations This highly efficient machine fills bags quickly and fully exclude shovels and man power. It is made entirely from steel. Sand dosing toward the outlets is performed by worm transporters with a sand mixer. Worm transporters are driven by a hydro motor and a chain. Filling is activated manually Outlets for sand filling are made in a way to protect the operator from a head injury during bag filling Platform on which bags rest during filling is made of a 4 mm zinc coated wire profile with a possibility of vertical adjustment.

  • Police
  • Search and Rescue
  • Civil Protection
  • Natural Disaster - floods
  • Military - protecting infrastructure
  • Special Purpose

Technical specification

Dimensions l/w/h


Volume of filling funnel

1,2 m3, made of steel 52,3 thickness 3mm

Metal protectors from sand spilling

Foldable height, 600mm

Gasoline reservoir


Filling capacity 

1600 bags/h

Possibility of filling bags dimensions

600x400, and 500x400

Conic sand outlet

4 pieces

Gasoline motor for power

11,5 KS, 4 stroke, air cooled


RAL 2011 Orange

Machine for sewing sandbags with a platform

Available for order