Police Patrol Boat PB 25

The Patrol boat PB 25 is a aluminum based series of patrol boats designated for multiple roles in littoral waters, including patrolling, surveillance, intelligence gathering, search and rescue operations, anti-surface operations, maritime security operations, etc. This vessel can be equipped with two MTU 16V 2000 M70 propulsion engines and F-drive gearboxes built by our principal ZF type 3050 and with complete Blue Line propulsion operation and supervision system, all in compliance with CSR rules and regulations. During her final trials, the vessel reached her maximum speed of 30 knots and excellent noise and vibration and manoeuvrability performances, thus representing a high tech product and an excellent reference for more future projects of the type both in Croatia and abroad. Several Boats in variant of Police Patrol vessel PB-25 have been put in service of Republic of Croatia Ministry of Internal Affairs

  • Police
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Special forces
  • Search and rescue
  • Transport and Logistic

Technical data


25,1 m


6,00 m


1,5 m


Max 28-35 Knots

Range/Autonomy (one tank)

600 miles

Haul Structure (material)

Aluminium hull and superstructure


Main Engines: 2x 1408 hp to 2 x 1930 hp




2 x 27 Kw