Patrol Boat PV-30-LS

The ship has the following characteristics: L= 31,30m; B=6,38m; D=116 t, power 1680 KW. Project was tested in the Vienna pool performance, including speed, stability and seaworthiness. About 200 blueprints (main project) were created, which were tested and certified the Institute for Marine Hydrodynamics in Vienna, and the ship's shape was rated as "perfect design". The ship has fuel tanks with a total capacity of 26,000 litters, which gives it an autonomy of 1,000 nautical miles at the specified operating speed. It was built for sailing in the Mediterranean in almost all weather conditions. It is fully operational up to sea state 5 (according to the WMO), when the wave height is over 4 meters and the wind is up to 7 Beaufort, where a sustainable speed of up to 26 knots is theoretically possible. With two engines and a structure calculated to withstand a force of 1.7 G, the ship has outstanding maritime characteristics, which is very important when patrolling and intercepting other vessels. The boat also has outstanding manoeuvrability, so that the turning circle at full speed of 26-27 knots is only 182 meters. The control and management of the main and auxiliary engines is done via electronic touch panels (touch screen) on the command bridge, which is the main control point, while the rudder on the outer bridge serves only as an aid in case everything fails, because then it is switched to the simplest , manual steering mode. What is special about this ship is its low radar visibility (low signature), i.e. its 30-meter silhouette is read on the radar as a vessel 10-12 meters long.

  • Patrol
  • Pursuit
  • Transport
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Border Control
  • Search and Rescue operations

Technical data


31,30 m


6,38 m


116 T


Max 30,5 Knots

Range/Autonomy (one tank)

1000 NM



Haul Structure (material)

Steel hull and aluminium superstructure


1680 kW


All Weather (up to sea state 5 -according to the WMO)

Low radar visibility

30-meter silhouette is read on the radar as a vessel 10-12 meters long.