Coastal patrol vessel BIS PV-43 (Named OOB-31 "OMIĆ ") is part of the Coast Guard of the Republic of Croatia. This vessel is the latest development of Croatian shipyards and mostly Croatian subcontractors for various systems and platforms on this vessel. The introduction of this new vessel into operational use of Croatian Navy is a continuation of the modernization and development of new capabilities of the Croatian Navy and Armed Forces.

The vessel is 43.25 meters long, equipped with a 30 mm automatic cannon.  two manually controlled 12.7 mm machine guns and four hand-portable anti-aircraft missile systems. The vessels main features are remote control, a built-in system of electro-optical sensors for autonomous operation, day and night operations, a stabilized turret, automatic target tracking, that provides rate of fire up to 200 pieces of ammunition per minute. The capacity of the ship is 16 people with a sailing autonomy of 10 days. It is very capable in pursuit and achieves a speed of 28 knots at 90% MCR, which is ensured by the ship's main engines with a power of 2 x 2525 kW. It is equipped with an active sway stabilization system that enables the ship to be fully operational in sea state 4 and to comply with NATO criteria for seaworthiness (STANAG 4154). A special feature is the optimization of the ship's systems, where it can sail 1,000 nautical miles at a speed of 15 knots with one fuel load. Optimized fuel consumption due to the innovative design of the hull shape and excellent sailing properties enables very efficient use, which results in significant savings compared to similar ships.

  • Patrol
  • Pursuit
  • Transport
  • Prevention
  • Intervention
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Pursuit 
  • Border Control
  • Search and Rescue operations


Length overall

43,16 m

Breadth, max.

8,00 m


2,80 m

Max. speed (100% MCR)

> 27,9 kn


14 + 3

Main engines power

2 x 2525 kW

Propulsor type


Electric Plant

2 x 118 kWe, 1 x 51 kWe

Cruising range

1000 NM / 15 kn


10 days


Active stabilization system with 2 fins
NATO seakeeping criteria (STANAG 4154)
Full operability at sea state up to 5 WMO

Damage stability

Two adjacent compartments flooding

Hull material

AH36 - High tensile steel

Superstructure material

Aluminum alloy AlMg4.5Mn

Weapon system

1x30 mm gun, 2x12,7 mm machine guns, EOS

Fast intervention / rescue boat

1 x RHIB

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Protection 

Hermetically closed spaces