Multiple Grenade Launcher mod. RBG-6

cal.40x46mm for Low Velocity Grenades
Multiple Grenade Launcher mod. RBG-6 cal.40x46mm is a lightweight semi-automatic, shoulder fired weapon for infantry use. The weapon is based on the revolver principle with a spring-driven gas operated cylinder. The drum magazine has capacity for 6 rounds and is equipped with the mechanism for easy emptying. A well-trained shooter can fire up to 12 grenades within the minute.

MGL RBG-6 is designated to support squad firepower against enemy live force, vehicles, and inert material targets.

It fires the widely used 40x46mm, low velocity family of grenades. Special construction of the parts has enabled very small recoil forces as well as solid gripping and aiming during the grenade launch.

Barrel and the rest of the launcher are manufactured of the high-quality materials, which with proper handling and maintenance, assures safe and effective use of the weapon. Police version of weapon has smooth barrel and Military version has rifled barrel. The barrel is hard chromed inside which provides extra durability.

The barrel is designed to launch the grenade in a predetermined trajectory. It has 6 grooves with progressive right-hand twist. That provides the desired spin to the grenade for better stabilization on trajectory and initiates arming of the grenade.

The RBG-6 is equipped with a three-position folding stock. When fully extended the stock is almost parallel with the barrel, it is locked in that position for shorter ranges. As the range increases, the stock can be raised slightly to facilitate sighting.

The RBG-6 is fitted with an Occluded Eye Gun Sight (O.E.G.), i.e., Red Dot Sight, which means that the weapon is fired with both eyes open. One eye is focused to the sight, and the other eye then has an unimpeded view of the target. The sight is operational in poor light conditions as long as the target can be seen. The sight is calibrated in 25-metre increments, from zero to 375 meters. The sight is mounted on a Picatinny Rail, which enables substitution with variety of alternate sight types.
Multiple-Grenade Launchermod. RBG-6-cal40x46mm-Low-Velocity-Grenades.jpg Multiple-Grenade-Launcher-modRBG-6-2.jpg Multiple-Grenade-Launcher-modRBG-6-3.jpg



40 x 46 mm

Operating system

Semi-automated, gas operated

Trigger firing position

Double action

Length (Butt folded)

566 mm

Length (Butt extended)

777 mm


260 mm


158 mm

Weight empty

5.4 - 5.5 kg

Minimum range

30m (depending on arming distance of grenade - example - Croatian grenade has arming range 11-28m)

Maximum range

400 m

Effective range

375 m

Muzzle velocity

76 m/s

Cylinder type

6 chamber revolving cylinder

Ammunition type

All kinds of 40 x 46 mm Low Velocity

HE, HEDP, TP, Smoke, Incendiary

Barrel rifling

Progressive - from 0° - 26,6°

Trigger actuation force


Firing pin exit while triggering

2,2 - 2,5 mm