Mortar Bomb 82mm HE

Mortar bomb 82mm is High Explosive fin stabilized ammunition fired from muzzle-loading smooth bore 82mm mortar. Rounds are armed with super-quick fuzes.

Mortar Bomb 82mm HE is used with Mortars 82mm smooth bore, primarily for close indirect fire against hostile personnel. Indirect fire is considered in case when the bomb drops onto the target from above, rather than being aimed straight at it. Soldiers firing a weapon do not need a direct sight of their target.
Mortar Bomb 82mm HE has been tested and combat proven in field action in various markets worldwide.  

Mortar Bomb 82mm HE is primarily intended for engagement of hostile personnel in open ground and behind natural or built obstacles, machine gun nests, observation posts etc. It can be used effectively also against lightly built shelters, dug-outs, trenches, and stationary lightly armoured vehicles.  Large quantity of fragments during detonation ensures high effectiveness in large diameter.

  • Military



82 mm


375 mm


3,075 kg

Shell body

Modular cast iron

Material of stabilizer


Mass of explosive charge (TNT)

0,64 kg


SQ M68P1

Number of charges

0 + 6

Minimum range

90 m

Maximum range

4.850 m

Maximum operating pressure

647 bars

Temperature range

from -30 to +50 °C