Military Shelter System SV 6-10/17

Agencija ALAN offer numerous support programs for military or police purposes. Army tents are important part of this program. This specific product portfolio represents dealing and partnership with companies specialized in technical textile. Capabilities of processing the technical textile allows manufacturing various covers for military equipment and weapon systems. Numerous tents variations are at disposal and can be fitted according to customer needs.

Tents suitable for accommodation of 10 bunk beds for a total of 20 soldiers. Military shelter system SV 6-10 can be supplied as set with aluminium construction, multi-layer thermo-stable cover, heating and cooling unit, lighting system and floor system. Certain covers are used for protection of truck superstructures and PVC tarpaulins in accordance with German Armed Forces technical requirements TL 8305-0253. In production of covers for military equipment and truck tarpaulins Sattler Polyplan Military PVC and Sattler Polyplan Military NATO German Edition are being used PVC tarpaulin covers for various military equipment and weapons systems.

We can also offer MURO (“Mobile Universal Re-assembly Object”). MURO can be used at various locations, transportation requirements are limited to SUV or larger vehicle. MURO is seemingly ordinary trailer, however once deployed at a location it takes only 5 minutes to assemble the trailer and utilize 50 square meters of closed area. MURO is equipped with hydraulic system which makes assembly and re-assembly fast and easy.

Military Shelter System SV 6-10/17 can be supplied in a kit consisting of an aluminium construction, a military tent three-layer PVC cover, a heating and cooling unit, a robust LED lighting and a flooring system. Military tent three-layer PVC with reduced infrared signature, high tensile strength and fire retardant.

SV 6-10 uses Four-layer windows in their deployment:
  • protective cover
  • anti mosquito net
  • flexible glass
  • thermal isolation

  • Military
  • Police
  • Civil protection
  • Support and Logistic
  • Natural disasters and catastrophes
Military-Shelte -System-SV-6-10-17.jpg MilitaryShelterSystemSV6-10-17-4.jpg MilitaryShelterSystemSV6-10-17-2.jpg MilitaryShelterSystemSV6-10-17-3.jpg

Technical data


32.48ft (L) x 19.98ft (W) x 10.01ft (H)

Other dimensions

optional according to Customer needs 


PVC tarpaulin covers for various military equipment and weapons systems


Tent kit using aluminium construction


Military tent; three - layer PVC cover


Custom made and fitted (heating and cooling units, LED lightning, various flooring)


Reduced infrared signature 


Fire retardant


High tensile strength