HS-9 3" Barrel - Subcompact

HS-9 3.0 has everything you need in small, sub-compact package
Featuring hammer forged 3 inch barrel and forged steel slide protected with Melonite finish. Pistol is equipped with 3-dot front and rear sight.

Other features are picatinny rail, ambidextrous magazine release, grip safety, trigger safety, firing pin safety along with striker-status indicator and loaded chamber indicator. Trigger guard is enlarged for easier trigger manipulation even while wearing gloves. Pistol comes with two types of stainless steel magazines - one is flush with the grip and capacity of 13+1, the other is full-size magazine with grip sleeve and capacity of 16+1.

This means that by simply changing the magazine we can transform HS-9 3.0 from concealed carry/back-up option to high capacity full-frame pistol. All these features make HS-9 3.0 extremely versatile weapon.
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Firing Pin Status Indicator

Firing Pin Status Indicator

The shooter can check the Striker Status Indicator by sight or touch to verify that the striker is in the cocked position.
The Loaded Chamber Indicator

The Loaded Chamber Indicator

Allows the shooter to verify, visually or by touch, and without any doubt that there is a round in the chamber.
Trigger Safety system

Trigger Safety system

Guards against accidental discharge from dropping or bumping by locking the HS-9’s trigger in place until direct, rearward pressure is applied.
Grip Safety

Grip Safety

Prevents accidental discharge. Discharge is enabled only when simultaneously both: the Grip Safety and the Trigger are pressed while shooting. Point and Shoot ergonomics are combined with a compact and contoured polymer grip and enable natural feel while pointing and aiming.



9x19 mm

Weight - without magazine

670 ± 15 g

Magazine capacity

13rd / 16rd - with adapter option

Magazine weight (empty)

70 ± 5 g (for 13rd)


120,25 ± 0,7 mm

Barrel length

79,5 ± 0,3 mm

Length (overall)

157,5 ± 0,7 mm


33 ± 0,7 mm


1. Trigger safety- prevents ununtentional moving of the trigger backwards.
2. Grip safety-prevents firing in case a user does not hold the receiver firmly.
3. Firing pin safety- does not allow the release of the firing pin without pulling the trigger.