Electric Vehicle Container

New age of vehicles is coming. Electric vehicles are becoming usual means of transport on our roads and everyday life. With them there are new potential risks and hazards that could threaten our property. Due to the damage of electric vehicles, there is a high risk of re-ignition as a result of overheating of the battery even 24-48 hours after the intervention and extinguishing of the fire.

This container is used for storing and active/passive monitoring of damaged or suspicious electric vehicles for 72 hours, as well as timely intervention with localizing and suppressing a new fire if needed. After the expiration of the quarantine, the vehicle is considered safe for further operations

  • Police
  • Civil Protection
  • Traffic control
  • Special Purpose

Technical characteristics

External dimensions L x W x H (mm)

6900 x 2550 x 2100

Compatibility with a hooklift system

DIN 30722


21 m3

Internal dimensions L x W (mm)

5250 x 2400


active / passive
24 / 7

Equipment compartments

2 pcs