Ballistic protection helmets BK-ACH

Ballistic helmets are one of the top products in offer by Agencija ALAN and associated domestic producer. Numerous products for variety of services and uses are currently in our offer. We can confirm that Croatian made helmets are in use of our armed forces, police forces, border control units, special intervention units, special forces, red cross staff, civil protection, etc. Croatian made helmets are also in use of more than 70 countries in the World, and we are proud that different governments chose the Croatian protective helmets for protection of their most vital security and armed forces. Helmets are being made of most advanced thermoplastic and composite materials like Aramid and Polyethylene that are produced in World most quality material factories. All helmets have NATO Stock numbers, and are accepted in terms of quality and standard in numerous public procedures and tenders

BK-ACH type of helmets are modern ballistic combat helmets that is comparable to USA model ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet), and is identical to the MICH TC-2000. The helmet is designed to be lighter than the PASGT infantry helmet and it provides more flexibility in the field. With no front brow feature upward visibility is improved and allow easier mounting of night-vision goggle brackets. The side trim is higher to allow greater compatibility with communications headsets and improve hearing when headsets are not used. The helmet shell is made from high quality aramid materials produced by most reputable World producers like Teijin Twaron or Dupont. Special manufacturing process provides high protection level against all kind of fragments, shrapnel, and bullets. The helmet and its parts are resistant to all weather conditions and available in three widely accepted versions: Regular Cut, Mid Cut and High Cut.

  • Military
  • Special Forces
  • Police
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Special intervention forces
  • Search and Rescue operations
BK-ACH-Mic Cut_Cover II.jpg

Technical data

Helmet size

4 size models


Up to 1450 kg

Temperature resistance

-55/+75 Celsius

Protection level

NIJ level IIIA level, 

NIJ 0106.01 

v50≥ 650 m/s according to STANAG 2920

Bullet Proof calibres

9x19mm, 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, Tokarev

Helmet models

30+ helmet models

Boltless construction


Impact / Shock absorption 

EN 397

Inside equipment

3 different models

Additional Accessories

NVG holder, side rails, protection visors, neck protection, half protection mask