Balistic protection vests

Ballistic vests belong to the products of ballistic protection body armour made of high-quality materials from Worlds leading fibre manufacturers. Agencija ALAN can offer variety of custom-made solutions in ballistic vests products, from tactical vests to demining and concealable solutions for secret service operatives. Products are made of following materials, based on the customer needs: Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMWP), Aramid materials and/or hybrid solutions that are tested together with customer. Products are tested and combat proven in various markets and strong production capacities and well-connected supply chain can answer serious demand and needs.

Tactical ballistic vests have primary purpose in protecting END User. They also can be used as customizable platforms for carrying essential tactical accessories, tools, gear and add-ons in tactical missions. They are constructed from high-quality, rugged materials such as polyester or Cordura. Tactical ballistic vests provide excellent durability and resistance to tearing, water and hard tactical wearing conditions. Most of the military and police tactical vests are intended to be worn over the garment. They provide ergonomic comfort for the END User. Tactical ballistic vests provide crucial role in assisting law enforcement officers and military personnel in safely carrying their high-risk duties and operations. Most of the models provide ballistic protection from Level II-NIJ 0101.06 up to IIIA NIJ 0101.06 and level IIIA++ NIJ 0101.04. Sizes range from S to 4XL, depending size chart available for interested parties and potential customers.

  • Military
  • Special Forces
  • Police
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Special agents
  • Search and Rescue operations
  • Tactical
  • Demining

Technical data

Vest size

4 size models


1,8 to 10kg range - depending on requirements

Temperature resistance

-55/+75 Celsius

Protection level

NIJ level IIIA level, NIJ 0106.01
Level II-NIJ 0101.06
Level IIIA++ NIJ 0101.04.
Level IV 


Single Curve/Multi Curve

Valid Protection from

7.62x51mm AP
7.62X39mm AP
7.62x54mm API
5.56x45 mm (SS109)
7.62x54R B32
7.62x63mm AP - 30.06 M2 AP

Tactical vest plate models

Soft armour plates
Hard armour plates
Concealed vests

Additional Accessories 

Plate carriers