Artillery Fire Control System (ART SYS 2000)

In numerous products that we offer for military market, fire control systems are one of the most sophisticated ones and combat tested. ART SYS 2000 is designed for field artillery fire control in accordance with the tasks of modern war management. The system is interoperable with the command information systems (CIS) of most ally joint forces, but it can also be customized to other systems. 

ART SYS 2000 is a complete system, battle proven. It comprises all equipment needed for the accomplishing of artillery tasks, ranging from observer’s instruments and fire direction centre (FDC) to fire positions. ART SYS 2000 also includes digital communications and differential GPS (D-GPS) technology. ART SYS 2000 enables fast reaction time of artillery units, firing accuracy, optimal efficiency with minimal use of ammunition, and it is soldier-friendly. This is achieved by using the most recent technologies and their integration into the system. The system design and its application are very flexible, and thus it can be easily expanded and adapted to any specific use of field artillery.

ART SYS 2000 can control the fire of:
  • all weapon types of West and/or East origin,
  • weapons of all caliber,
  • various types of weapons (guns, howitzers, MLRS, mortars) at the same time

  • Military
  • Armed Forces
  • Navy
  • Artillery
  • Weapon systems
  • Fire Control 


Reaction time (from target acquisition to firing)

15 - 60 sec

Observer’s and fire positions coordinates measuring error

max. 10 m

Target coordinates measuring error

max. 25 m

Meteorological data


Firing elements calculations

complete, with all relevant parameters and data


6 DOF or  approximations

Equipment operating conditions


Distance between units (combat deployment dispersion)

within the communication area

Radio transceivers type