Anti Material Sniper Riffle -RT - 20

The RT-20 sniper rifle fires simple cal. 20x110mm cartridge.
RT-20 has bull pup construction in order to reduce overall weapon construction.RT-20 Sniper Rifle is single-shot weapon, bolt-action rifle with an optical sight and a multi baffle muzzle brake to reduce recoil forces. Part of the large recoil forces is compensated and redirected by extra added specially designed tube mounted above the barrel and exhaust directed to the reverse side, behind the shooter. Therefore the optical sight is mounted at sideways the barrel instead of classical above-barrel position. The standard optical sight issued with the weapon is model Kahles ZF10×42. RT-20 sniper rifle is operated and carried by one operator. The locking mechanism is manually operated, bolt is left-hand operable due to its position on the left side of the weapon. The bolt has 3 sets of locking lugs opened by turning the bolt handle for 60°. Once the bolt is moved forward and locked, the rifle can be fired safely.



20 x 110 mm



Muzzle Velocity

850 m/s


K312 3-12x50


manually operatd bolt

Maximum operational range

2000 m

Mass of rifle without bipod and scope


Mass of bipod

1,3 kg

Mass of scope

0,6 kg

Mass of rifle with bipod and scope (kg)


Mass of backpack


Barrel length (mm)

920 mm