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Sniper Rifle MACS M4 cal. 12,7x99mm (.50)

Sniper Rifle MACS M4 cal. 12,7x99mm (.50)

The MACS Sniper Rifle Model M4 fires cal. 12.7×99 mm (0.50 Browning) cartridge. MACS Sniper Rifle is a single-shot, bolt-action rifle with an optical sight and a multi baffle muzzle brake to reduce recoil forces. Rounds are fed into the weapon by manually operated bolt, from the 5-rounds cartridge magazine. Some individual user adjustments can be made on the bipod, the cheek-rest and the butt-plate. The issued optical sight is alternated among: model Kahles ZF10×42 or Kahles model K- 312 3-12x50. Barrel is fitted with a trial-chamber muzzle brake whose outlets direct the muzzle blast sideways.

FEATURES - SNIPER RIFLE MACS M4 cal. 12,7 x 99mm (.50)

Caliber (mm) 12.7 x 99 mm
Length (mm) 1480
Width excluding bolt handle, telescopic sight and bipod (mm) 90
Height including telescopic sight (mm) 300
Mass of rifle including telescopic sight and cartridge magazine (kg) 12,8
Barrel length (mm) 782
Rifling twist Right hand
Pitch (mm) 1 in 380
Grooves 8
Cartridges magazine capacity 5
Effective range (m) 1500
Terminal range (m) 6800
Bolt trigger 90 degrees opening, 1 stage adjustable from 0,5 to 1,5 kg

Nine locking lugs, rather than conventional two, provide 50% more bearing area for increased strength and structural integrity. Longitudinal flutes on the bolt reduce its weight and surface, and minimize binding to maintain smooth bolt operation. Three gas ports on the bolt allow high pressure gases to escape laterally for greater safety.


Weight of telescopis sight(g) 800
Weight of mount (g) 300
Magnification 3 to 12
Field of view 8,2 to 2,2 m / 100 m
Eye rilief (mm) 90 mm
Change per click 1 cm / 100 m
Total clicks elevation 2,4 m / 100 m
Reticle MIL DOT

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