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Semi Automatic Pistol Type HS

Semi Automatic Pistol Type HS

Semiautomatic Pistol Type HS Technical Data

Length of barrel:

102,5 mm     (optional barrel length:  3” and 5” barrel)


140 mm/4" & 5"     120 mm/3"

Barrel rifling:

6 grooves, 1 turn in 250mm, right hand

Weight (excluding magazine):

705g ( 4”/ cal. 9x19mm), 760g ( 4”/ cal. .40 S&W), 750g ( 4”/ cal. .45ACP), 
735g ( 4” / cal. .357 SIG), 667g( 3”cal.9x19mm), 750g ( 5”cal.9x19mm)

Magazine weight.

85g (cal. 9x19mm), 85g (cal. .40), 99g ( cal. .45ACP), 88g ( cal. .357 SIG)

Magazine capacity:

16 rds.(cal. 9x19mm), 12 rds. (cal. .40, cal. .357 SIG), 13 rds. (cal. .45ACP)

Trigger pull:

2,5 - 3kg

Trigger travel:

“first knee” 10mm / total 13mm

Line of sight:

150mm (cal. 9x19mm)

Safety indicators:

Loaded chamber indicator
Firing pin status indicator


Firing pin block / drop safety
Trigger safety
Grip safety


Front blade, dove tail, dot rear square notch, two dot, drift adjustable & replaceable

Special features:

1. Grooved user friendly non-slip grip with thumb rests & combat style trigger guard
2. Rail system for laser and tactical light in front of the frame
3. Ambidextrous magazine release
4. Chrome plated drop free magazine
5. Fires under water up to 3m deep
6. Light weight ultra high impact polymer frame

Safeties of the Semiautomatic Pistol Type HS


Firing Pin Status Indicator

The shooter can check the Striker Status Indicator by sight or touch to verify that the striker is in the cocked position.

HS - Firing Pin Status Indicator

The Loaded Chamber Indicator

allows the shooter to verify, visually or by touch, and without any doubt that there is a round in the chamber.

HS - The Loaded Chamber Indicator

Trigger Safety system

guards against accidental discharge from dropping or bumping by locking the HS-9's trigger in place until direct, rearward pressure is applied.

HS - Trigger Safety system

Grip Safety

Prevents accidental discharge. Discharge is enabled only when simultaneously both: the Grip Safety and the Trigger are pressed while shooting. Point and Shoot ergonomics are combined with a compact and contoured polymer grip and enable natural feel while pointing and aiming.

HS - Grip Safety

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