// Tow Target & Scoring System

RP-3 Air to Air

  • The system is used for scoring air to air gunnery.
  • Existing system is set for gunnery of 23 mm calibres.
  • Scoring is attain by the acoustic sensor.
  • Information of projectile detection is displayed on the ground receiving station ZPP/Z and scoring display KRP-1.
  • Scoring is display in zone 1.
  • Zone is a diameter of 5,5m.
  • Resolution of the system is 6000 shells per minute.
  • Towing of the system is up to 2000m altitude and the maximum allowed speed (depend by altitude) :
  • Altitude 2000m    max. Speed 700 km/h
  • Altitude 3000m    max. Speed 754 km/h
  • Altitude 6000m    max. Speed 885 km/h
  • Altitude 9000m    max. Speed 1053 km/h
  • Towing cable is a textile and does not provide radar reflection. Length of haul is 610m.
  • Tow target is used as an optical target. During firing with the guns which have a radar sight, is used target with the same design with enhanced radar reflection.
  • Lenght of the target (front part) is 2,8m;  Main part (sleeve) is 5,5m; body diameter is 0,75m;
  • It is possible to deform frame of the target in order for packing in the bag.

RP-3   Air to Air Scoring System
MiG-21bis interceptor during attack on the target  


Registration zone in relation to the target and virtual aircraft


It is possible to design target container MKM-1, for other aircraft types. Possibility of installation depends on the clearance of the aircraft, the existence of pylon under the fuselage, and the possibility of installing the control panel and scoring system in the cockpit. Also, it is possible to design systems RP-1 and RP-3 for other cannon calibers (comply with the calibration procedure).

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