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Croatia has a rich, centuries-old military tradition and experience in weapon production. Croatian Duke Domagoj and his archers were already known in the 9th century for their light and agile ships, and they represented a respectable naval force of the time, controlling areas on the eastern Adriatic coast.

The oldest Croatian shipyard Kraljevica was founded in 1725 for the production of military ships.

The scientist Faust Vrančić invented the parachute and performed the first parachute jump in the 17th century.

Ivan Lupis-Vukić invented the first torpedo in Rijeka in the 19th century, and a torpedo factory was established there.

The rich tradition of Croatian innovations and the ability to produce the most demanding combat systems is also reflected in recent history. So, for example, the M-84 battle tank with excellent performances was produced in the “Đuro Đaković” factory, and the S-10 CRO missile system in the “Rade Končar” factory.

The “HS Produkt” factory has designed, produced and sold more than 5 million HS or XD pistols so far, and the “Šestan Busch” factory has produced more than 2.5 million protective helmets.

Other weapon manufacturers are also active, such as “MADLERD”, which produces RBG-6 grenade launchers, “JLM-Perković”, which produces 20 mm sniper rifles, or “SCAM Marine”, which produces 12.7 mm sniper rifles. The “DOK-ING” company produces demining machines, and shipbuilders “Brodosplit”, “Tehnomont”, “Adria-Mar” and others produce various types of modern patrol ships, missile boats, minesweepers, transport boats, and transport and logistics ships.

The above products have been exported to Argentina, Austria, Australia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, UAE, Kuwait, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and a number of other countries.

In the past few years, Croatian export in the defence industry sector has been steadily increasing.
Professional knowledge, experience and qualified workforce are a guarantee of high quality in the Croatian defence industry, which has been confirmed through exporting to the most prestigious markets of developed countries.

Croatian builders and inventors are an inexhaustible source of new, original solutions, which makes our products globally competitive and successful.

Ivica Nekić
President of the Managing Board

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